• We are Jonathan, Rachel, Miriam and Max. We live in Arua, a small town in the very northwest corner of Uganda. Our reason for being here is simple - to use aviation to serve God and the people that He has called to work in the remotest parts of east and central Africa.
Karibuni means welcome in Kiswahili. Karibuni to our family and our journey in Africa!


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About Us

We are the Koskis. Jonathan is a missionary kid and was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Rachel was born in South Dakota and has had a lifelong calling to missions. Our daughter Miriam was born in Minneapolis in 2008 and our son Max was born in Nairobi in 2012. [more...]

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why we are here

Take a look at the below blog.  It is that of one of the missionary families we serve in northern Kenya, Jay and Laura Callaghan.  Not many of the people […]

A Typical C206 Load

Are you sure you can fit all this in your airplane? Sure! How? Kind of like a puzzle and an intricate dance with numbers.  You do it just right and […]

Hauling Salt

Three days.  1832 nautical miles.  18.7 hours.  18 takeoffs and landings.  2 self-checkouts at special procedures airstrips.  1 go-around.  1480 kilograms of salt hauled between Kenya and points in South […]